Language Education Policy Studies
An International Network
National Kaohsiung Normal University (NKNU)

Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China


Language Education Policy Studies

Theme 1: The Language of Peace, Connectedness and Harmony, 

its Potentials and its Limits

Theme 2: Comparing Language Curricula in Various Countries

Theme 3: Multimedia and Foreign Language Education

Call for PAPERS

Spring 2014 INLEPS
National Kaohsiung Normal University, 
Tajen University, APAMALL, ROCMELIA Co-Sponsors

Language Education Policy is a burgeoning field of scholarship that grounds its legitimation on broad frameworks such as Language Policy, Education Policy, Curriculum Studies and Critical Language Studies. It needs to define its conceptual and philosophical orientations and its foundational purposes to receive increasing recognition by educators and the public in response to growing societal interests in globalization and local forms of school violence that manifest in the way languages are treated.

This call for papers invites submissions that take an overview of the field of Language Education Policy Studies as it may inform Peace Education, analyzing the emergence and gradual formation of concepts such as Harmony, Connectedness and Peace that habe an impact on Language Education Policies, examine the potentials and limitations of such policies, review the state of the field and envision possible futures. It encourages submissions that utilize multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary approaches to study and research. 

A conceptual orientation is proposed to motivate language education curricula that transform school cultures into constructive learning communities and cultures of connectedness, harmony and peace.  Language Education Policies can help repair the contextual, psychological, ideological and social fabric of human lives and societies impacted by misconceptions based on language ideologies and language status that lead to miscommunication, discrimination, social divisions and human struggle throughout both developed and developing countries.

Spring 2014 Inleps  

will be held in KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN

at the National Kaohsiung Normal University (NKNU)

Lodging at the Evergreeen Hotel, nearby


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