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LEP by World Region

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University of Paris 3, Sorbonne Nouvelle, France
IDAP and the DILTEC Lab

Language Education Policy and Inclusion

MAY 22-24, 2017

Main Sponsor: Spencer Foundation

University of Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle 

Spring 2017 INLEPS
University of Paris La Sorbonne, 
University of Wisconsin-Madison and Deep University

Language Education Policy is a burgeoning field of scholarship that grounds its legitimation on broad frameworks such as Language Policy, Education Policy, Curriculum Studies and Critical Language Studies. 

This Conference focuses on policies that bring deep, open curricula to the fore, in relation to Francois Victor Tochon's recent book titled Language Education Policy Unlimited: Global Perspectives and Local Practicesand Tochon & Harrison (Eds.) Policy for Peace: Language Education Unlimited (2017 in press). 

 The second part of the bi-continental conference begun in Madison, WI will include case studies enabling better interpretations of human experiences, followed by roundtable sessions to examine future directions for field research and educational solutions. On the final day, we will create a research group and discuss the development of a website and the format for the resulting publication from the conference. 


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