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Kristine M. Harrison

Kristine M. Harrison is a part-time language teacher, working on various language education projects since she finished her PhD in November, 2015 under the guidance of Francois Tochon. She recently co-organized the Spencer-funded conferences in Madison and Paris that addressed refugee and displaced children in host country schools (see here). She finished her PhD in November, 2015 under the guidance of Francois Tochon. Her research was a Puerto Rican Language Education Policy analysis that included curriculum and teaching as policy; and the effect of imperialist education on indigenous people's culture, language, and identity. Before that she was studying the many questions that surround Native American educational and language history. 

She wanted to work on on educational strategies, including language policy, for language reclamation and revitalization, hopefully with a Wisconsin language group. She hoped to become the liaison between indigenous language preservation groups and the broader political, philosophical and pedagogical themes that are involved. 

Kristine Harrison has worked on issues related to linguistic human rights and multilingualism, and presented a related paper at the ELF5 (English as a Lingua Franca) conference in Istanbul, Turkey. Her master’s thesis was about Education for All of UNESCO - global educational policies and reforms and their effect on culture, language and implications for literacy. Kristine has taught EFL, ESL, and K-12 (private schools) in Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Morocco, and the Sultanate of Oman. She has also taught Spanish at the UW and in the Dominican Republic. She speaks Spanish after living in Spain, and getting her BA at the UW in Latin-American and Iberian Studies. She knows Italian and a little French, and studied some Ojibwe, an indigenous language of northern Wisconsin and Canada.

Her email is, and she has profiles at Linkedin here; :