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Publishing Guidelines for Authors

Spring 2014 INLEPS
National Kaohsiung Normal University, Tajen University, APAMALL, ROCMELIA Co-Sponsors

Deep University Press will publish the Conference Proceedings. In particular, it invites manuscripts for a refereed book on Language Education Policy Studies and Peace, edited by Dr. Francois V. Tochon, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Dr. Mei Deming, Shanghai International Studies University. The goal is to bring together approaches that provide a  thorough examination of the discourse on Peace, Connectedness and Harmony from the perspective of Language Education Policy Studies in the regional, national, and international arenas.  We would like to offer a reference volume that can be used by teachers, educators, instructors, graduate students and researchers who are looking for substantial reflections to ground their LEP work in deeper linguistic, philosophical, anthrop­ol­ogical, semiotic, political and educational perspectives. It is hoped that submitted chapters will report work from across a broad set of perspectives, including structural, superstructural, or post-structural; and with a wide variety of research orientations and methodologies.

The submission deadline for the full paper is June 5, 2014.

Publishing Guidelines

Papers must present innovative ways to orient the field of Language Education Policy towards the transdisciplinary goal of peace building locally, nation-wide and internationally. New findings or theoretical integration relevant to the book topic are welcome.

The main text of each manuscript, exclusive of figures, tables, references, and/or appendices, should not exceed 30 double-spaced pages (approximately 9,000 words). 

Please present your paper in such a way that its content is informative and self-contained and can be used in courses on Language Education Policy studies, Linguistic Human Rights, or Language-in-Education. The relevant literature should be reviewed thoroughly and each chapter should be well grounded theoretically with a clear and original conceptual framework, and the case exploration should be original, instructive and compelling. If you are not sure about whether your proposal would fit this format, please contact the Editors for advice.

Deep University Press is seeking original articles that provide deep new orientations to various fields of study on current topics of special interest to Applied Linguists, Applied Semioticians, Educators and Researchers. All manuscripts will be refereed with a rigorous evaluation process involving at least two blind reviews by qualified academic professionals. Submissions will be judged not only on the suitability of the content, but also on the readability and clarity of the prose. All chapters are peer reviewed.

Deep University Press solicits only original contributions that have not been previously published or submitted elsewhere for review/publication. Chapters awaiting presentation or already presented at conferences must be revised—taking advantage of feedback received at the conference—and have a modified title to receive consideration. In an effort to reduce the reviewing cycle time, we only accept electronic submissions of manuscripts. To submit electronically, please include a Word file of your submission as an e-mail attachment addressed to Francois Victor Tochon, editor.

In the body of your e-mail message include the author(s) name(s), contact information for the corresponding author, and the title of your submission. Your submission will be acknowledged promptly via return e-mail. All contributions must be submitted in English. Manuscripts should have as little formatting as possible -- it all needs to be removed before we can work with it. Please be sure to specify in the cover letter that your submission is intended for the LEP for Peace topic.


Page 1 of the Initial Submission: Page 1 of your submission should contain the title of the chapter and should identify all authors, including authors' names, mailing addresses, and e-mail addresses. Authors' names should not appear anywhere else in the manuscript, except possibly as part of the reference list.


Page 2 of the Initial Submission: Page 2 of your submission should contain the title of the paper, followed by an Abstract that does not exceed about 150 words. The Abstract is followed by the text of the chapter.


Other Information: For the review process, authors should not include any biography or picture. These will only be required if the manuscript is accepted for publication. Any photos or illustrations should be submitted in separate files and should be high resolution, black and white. Color will only work for the online version. We won't be able to do that with the print version. You can also submit figures as jpg files. Figures must be prepared on professional applications rather than Word, of which default-figures can’t get quality printing. Please avoid colors, 3D and shadows in your figures.  High quality black & white is preferable, while high quality 25-50% grey shade can exceptionally be used if really needed. 

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