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MEMES Life Stories and Anecdotes for Educators of Refugee and other Displaced Students-4

We want to share life and classroom stories, anecdotes, make new memes.

In the discussion board and weekly sessions, we will listen to and discuss critical incidents, real life stories of teachers and families, and anecdotes that illustrate either problems or solutions. Resources will be created to address the issues. 

Some of the critical topics may include integration & acculturation; linguistic & cultural rights; trauma; stereotypes & disinformation; roles for families, storytelling spaces, & social network groups; and languages—value, uses, strategies for multilingual classroom spaces where students use their plurilingual repertoire. The survey asks about similar topics. 

More detailed topics may include:

• Positive perceptions of refugee and migrant children and populations
• Negative or stereotypic beliefs and attitudes toward displaced students (Islamophobia, racism)
• Teacher strategies to better accommodate these children
• Policies and programs to transition, welcome students and train teachers and support staff. What policies or programs would be ideal in your experience?
• Defining diversity in displacement: Does curriculum reflect student diversity and history, and identity?
• Identities mapping onto displaced students from the perspective of the curriculum, school, and other students and solutions to this problem
• The need to create culturally relevant classrooms? How can we accomplish this? (ie policy changes, teacher preparation, curriculum revision)
• Positive events organized by schools or teachers and school staff that help build a bridge with displaced, refugee and migrant children and populations
• Critical incidents related to displaced students that you have seen or been part of in an educational setting, such as bullying by students or others, mental health or trauma issues, racism

please email Dr. Kristine Harrison with questions at

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From Save the Children: A young girl's life gets turned upside-down in this tragic second a day video. This is what war does to children.


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Harrison, K.M. (2018). Survey Project Info: Making Empathetic Multilingual Environments in Schools: Memes to Support Refugees and Displaced Students. In F. V. Tochon (Ed.), Language Education Policy Studies (online). Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin—Madison. Retrieved from: (access date).