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Taiwan's currency is the Taiwan Dollar (NT$ or TWD). The exchange rate varies around 30.60 NT$ to $1 (USD). For more information, this website provides an exchange rate table:   or


Kaohsiung by plane

Kaohsiung has an international airport (KHH). Kaohsiung International Airport (IATAKHH) is about twenty minutes to the south of the city center. In 1997 a new terminal was added dedicated to international connections and transfers to Taipei (Taoyuan) international airport. International flights from Asia arrive daily, but unfortunately, there are no direct flight connections between Taipei and Kaohsiung. However, after an international arrival, they can take a local flight from Kaohsiung to Taipei. The airport is on the MRT Red Line and is also easily accessible by scooter, car or taxi.


Some flights to Taiwan from overseas will arrive in Taipei. Then you need to take a speed train. Taiwan High Speed Rail line (HSR). Traveling by train is a viable option for getting to Kaohsiung, as the fastest trains from Taipei cover the distance in just 96 minutes. There are 3 types of tickets: Business Reserved, General Reserved, and Non-Reserved. Reserved are approx. NT$1500 ($50 USD) and non-reserved slightly cheaper at NT$1400. Remember to get Designated Seats if you are traveling with luggage, it's NT$100 more expensive.  Buses run the length of the island, with stops in major towns. They feature fully reclining seats, baggage transportation and, on some, video game consoles or televisions for each seat. Prices run around NT$800 per trip, give or take, depending on the initial and final destination. Most major bus companies have their office and stops close to the train station. They are located on the same road as the train station, about half a block down the street.


Kaohsiung by metro

The Kaohsiung MRT opened in 2008, with two lines. The Red Line runs from north to south, offering a handy route from both the THSR Zuoying station and the airport into the downtown core, while the Orange Line runs across the city from the Port of Kaohsiung in the west to the eastern suburb of Daliao. The Metro Line is very clean and offers a convenient way to quickly move within the city. Operation of the MRT stops at about 11:30 p.m. for the orange line and as late as 12:30 for the red line. Ask at the information desk to be sure.


By taxi

Taxis are also available from the airport. The cost of a taxi will probably be around 350 NT$ each way from the airport to the hotel. The city government has established Taxi English Service to allow travelers to search for English-speaking taxi drivers in chosen areas. Taxis can be an easy way to get to some places unfamiliar, and are fairly common in the city. If you have the business card of a location, or the Chinese characters written down, they can easily get you there far faster than most other means. You may ask for the price in advance but as with any other places in Taiwan the meter is almost always used.  For more information on what to visit, where to eat and safety measures, see:



Will the Conference meetings be at the hotel or at the University? 


=> If we obtain adequate funding, then it will be better to hold

the conference at the 85-Story Sky Tower. Otherwise we will have

the conference at National Kaohsiung Normal University (


What is the address of the University?


=> The address of NKNU is 116, Heping Road, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  


What is your phone number if participants are lost? 


=> They can contact Prof. Chuang at +886-919-618-603.


Should participants reserve their room directly with the hotel, or through you?


=> It is better that participants reserve the hotel by themselves. 

What is the price per night of a single room, double room?


=> The 85-Story Sky Tower offers rooms at around US$125 per night. You might want to choose the Evergreen Hotel which is located close to the NKNU campus. The reduced price is around US$ 55. You can book your hotel room at  (or use or such sites).


=> You can tell the Evergreen Hotel that you are attending an international conference at National Kaohsiung Normal University that has a collaboration plan with the hotel, which will help you get a better price.


Will you provide free bus from hotel to university?

=> The Evergreen hotel is very near the university. It takes around 8 minutes to walk from the hotel to the university. If you prefer to take a taxi, it may cost only around US$ 3. 

Spring 2014 Inleps  

will be held in KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN

at the National Kaohsiung Normal University (NKNU)

Lodging at the Evergreeen Hotel, nearby


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