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About Us 

The website LanguageEducationPolicy is a follow up to the Shanghai Seminar on Language Education Policy organized by the Shanghai Innovation Office of the University of Wisconsin-Madison in partnership with Shanghai International Studies University.

This website has been created under the umbrella of the Division of International Studies of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Wisconsin China Initiative) and of the International Network for Language Education Policy Studies (INLEPS), a newly created not-for-profit scientific and educational association. See ByLaws HERE.

The authored pages of the website on various topics may not represent the opinion of INLEPS or the participating universities.

The site is designed to reflect the universities’ core missions of teaching, research and public service, and to guide both external and internal communities through information and resources. The website does not represent the opinions of its sponsors. 

Website goals

  • Reflect the spirit and reflection held in great research universities on Language Education Policy Studies
  • Highlight content that advances research in the field and helps both students and faculty members
  • Stimulate interested in these crucial issues and gather an informal network of interested researchers
  • Enable users to quickly find information relevant to their needs in the field of Language Education Policy

The website content is copyrighted. It was organized by Professor Francois Victor Tochon at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Project Associate Dr. Kristine Harrison at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras, and may benefit from the casual contributions of academic experts and doctoral students who participated in Professor Tochon's course on Globalization and Linguistic Human Rights. 

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