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MEMES PROJECT SUMMARY for Educators of Refugee and other Displaced Students 

Spring 2018-23 Project at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Curriculum & Instruction

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Making Empathetic Multilingual Environments in Schools: MEMES to Support Refugees and Displaced Students  

We are interested in understanding displaced and refugee students’ experiences in schools and the positions and strategies of the teachers and other personnel in the school to better accommodate these children. 

You may be part of the project in three ways, the first is a survey that has two choices -- one with five short stories and a place to write your own experiences; and the other with more detailed and targeted questions.

You may also participate in a discussion board and weekly zoom meetings about the same topics and questions, in which you can participate in a dynamic and supportive environment.

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please email Dr. Kristine Harrison with questions at

21-year-old Elise Shea came up with an idea: Speak to Me, a digital language-learning platform that lets refugee tutors teach foreign language skills to college students — and get paid for it.


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